Coverage 101: We Answer Your Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Umbrella Policy?
    Umbrella policies are often added to homeowners insurance policies in order to increase coverage and reduce or eliminate liability for other issues that can happen on the property. Usually the policy applies to your auto as well, and serves as additional protection beyond your regular insurance, in case the limits on your plan are not sufficient to handle an incident or accident.
  • Is it Free to Get Quotes?
    Yes. You can use the services of this site at no charge. Quotes from various agencies locally and around the country will be provided to you in order to give you the best opportunity to compare and shop for the best plan and rate for your specific needs.
  • What Determines the Rate that I Get?
    Many factors that are determined by the underwriters of the insurer will affect your rate such as the house location, its size, its current value, and your personal information will matter as well, such as whether or not you smoke or if you've filed any claims recently.
  • What is "replacement" coverage?
    Replacement coverage means that if there is a loss, the insurer will pay the cost to replace the item(s) at today's prices as opposed to depreciating the value of the item since you purchased it.
  • Will House Insurance Pay Off the Mortgage
    No, not specifically. No matter what happens to your home, even if it is completely destroyed, you will be reimbursed with your claim, up to the value of the home, whether or not it includes your mortgage.
  • Does My Plan Cover Earthquakes?
    Generally you need to specifically request earthquake insurance, though in Wisconsin, it is not typically requested by homeowners.
  • Will my Plan Offer a Place to Stay if the Home Needs Repair
    This is one thing that you will want to check specifically with your policy for. Some insurance policies include what is known as "loss of use", which will pay for your stay in a hotel or other lodgings, and some will not - you will have to request it specifically.
  • Do Swimming Pools Increase my Rate?
    Generally, swimming pools add a good amount of expense to a policy. They are considered an "attractive nuisance" and don't add much value to the home. If you are considering buying a home, think twice about buying one with a pool, as it will almost definitely increase your premiums.
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